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How to achieve to someone that can help to recover usernames and passwords?

Calouro ✭

Mr Google!

I have 15 domains bought among Blogger and you had gave to me an offer "apps for free".

Now I am "business" and I can't access to most of my domains because I just lost the usernames and passwords.

My primary account is the one I am using right now and my payments were made from there.

What I don't understand is why should I pay for something that I don't use: "apps" or "G-Suite" or whatever it is.

No direct email, by phone only with pin which is inside the G-Suite for every domain.

And furthermore I hate when Google uses Brazilian and the localization for Portuguese is so bad that a child with 6 years old can do it. You should change the agency who works for Google to translate contents for portuguese (the real one).


Thanks Mr Google!